ePanel Theme Options

Our theme options panel comes with all of our themes, allowing you to easily control your website without ever touching a line of code. Additional features allow you to toggle on and off features, adjust your layout, manage advertisements, control colors, optimize for search engines and more! ePanel integrates with the WordPress Dashboard and will appear automatically when we activate your theme.

General Setting

Adjust general settings such as post counts and color schemes; upload custom logo images, control featured posts and much more.

Ad Management

Our themes come with various pre-defined ad locations. The Ad Management panel allows you to enable and manage these banners.


The integration tab allows you to input code into various areas in the theme. This is useful for adding, for example, social media or analytics snippets.


The navigation panel allows you to easily add and remove links, adjust dropdown menu settings and change the order of your links.


The colorizations panel allows you to quickly adjust the colors of various parts of your website, such as font and background colors.


Tech Support and documentation are just a click away from the support tab in the ePanel Theme Options page.


The layouts tab allows you to adjust the structure of your site, such as removing or changing certain design elements.

SEO Control

Manage your titles, keywords and description meta tags, as well as canonical URLs for your homepage, posts, pages and categories.


Designing and organizing your posts has never been easier. With our large collection of shortcodes, you can create beautiful and complex layouts with ease. This will greatly improve the functionality and variety of your content without the frustration that comes with learning advanced web development techniques.



We can create beautiful buttons on the fly using the button shortcode. Choose between various colors, styles and sizes.

Tabbed Content

Now you can create tabbed content with the click of a button using the tab shortcode. This shortcode has two variations (horizontal and vertical).

Password Protection

You can password protect any content within your website. When protected, anyone visiting the page will be prompted to log in.


These beautiful jQuery tooltips can be added to any element, making it a great way to add additional info to your post without adding clutter.

Pricing Tables

The pricing table gives you an elegant and versatile way to showcase your company’s different pricing structures for the various products you offer.


Content boxes are a great way to grab your visitor’s eye and direct them to important content within a particular post or page.


We can create beautiful slideshows using the slider shortcode. Any content can be added to the slides, making them very versatile.


With the column layout shortcodes you can now break down your content into any number of advanced layouts giving variety and hierarchy.

Author Info

Now you can easily add an author bio after each post, including an avatar/photo. This is a great feature for multi author websites.


Testimonials are an important way to gain the trust of your visitors. Now you have an easy way to add styled testimonials to your posts and pages.

Toggled Content

Any content can be added within the toggled div, and you can even tell the element whether it should be either open or closed on page load.

Image Slider

Create elegant image slideshows of any size. The slideshow shortcode will automatically adapt to any dimensions and resize your photos.

Social Media

Now you can easily add social media badges to your post using the social media shortcodes. Make it easy for your visitors to share your content.


Dropcaps are a subtle typographic technique that can easily add flare and improve the hierarchy of your post copy.


Using the quote shortcode, you can choose to emphasize your pull quotes using one of two variations.

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